22. Marts 2024


Future Simon here: Ahem… I’ve been giving this move some extra thought. And I think I’m going to partially revert my decision to make this blog english only. But, instead of having to maintain two sites, I will be posting in both danish and english on this site. I think this is the wisest way to make both ends meet. I’ve found that most automated translation services actually do a pretty good job, so I can provide translations with minimal effort.

The blogging software - Flatpress - doesn’t support multiple languages OOTB, but I’ve been digging through the code and the file format of the blog entries, and think I can provide a hacky solution as a start.

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Alright, an announcement in English this time.

While eating dinner this evening, it dawned on me that when I post to the Fediverse via Mastodon, my viewer count skyrockets. So by stubbornly refusing to write blog posts in english (.. which, in turn, I do on simonjustesen.com, but these are more or less Linux focused), I’m really doing any foreign-speaking visitors to this site a great disservice.

Realising I’m part of an international community that is the borderless internet and the Fediverse, I think the right thing to do moving forward, is to post solely in english as it’s the closest thing to a common universal language, we’ve got (apart from Assembly, heh).

English is second nature to most danes as well (I had my first english lesson in school in 4th grade back in the day, I think they start having english lessons even earlier now), so the change shouldn’t really pose an obstacle to anyone.

In the coming months, I’ll be merging the content of simonjustesen.com to create a single, unified site. Non-personal Fediverse-related content will be moving to Fediverset.dk (danish site)